Partners Networking to Advance South Island Dairying


About the South Island Dairying Development Centre (SIDDC)

SIDDC was established in 2001 to help the South Island dairy industry achieve continuous improvements in efficiency and productivity, and to promote innovation.

An industry funded partnership of six leading dairy sector organisations these partners work to promote the sustainable development of South Island dairying. This is done through collaborative research, education and training for farmers.

A network delivers consulting and field officers in one-on-one and group discussions, field days, farm and field officer visits, printed material in addition to the partners' and SIDDC’s website.

The South Island Dairy Development Centre is the hub of SIDDC activities, liaising between the partners, facilitating research and communications. In addition SIDDC manages the Lincoln University Dairy Farm (LUDF), arranging visits and enhancing the wider communities’ view of dairy farming.

Since the farm was launched in 2001 more than 34,000 people have visited. Visitors have included local, national and international dairy farmers, central and local government officials, environmental groups, significant representation from across the dairy industry, national and international politicians, academics, and students.

Owned by Lincoln University and managed by SIDDC, Lincoln University Dairy Farm's (LUDF) primary aim is to develop and demonstrate world-best practice in dairy farm systems and transfer them to South Island dairy farms. The farm also tests and develops practical applications of new technologies to help maximise the use of pastoral production systems, while achieving a commercial return, protecting the environment, and considering the industry's 4% productivity gain target.

All results are published at quarterly focus days, and a wide range of weekly data and walk notes are made available on regular basis.