Partners Networking to Advance South Island Dairying

What We Do

SIDDC work falls into four portfolios: research, extension, education, and communication and includes:
  1. Developing the Lincoln University Dairy Farm as an industry leader with an aggressive approach to sustainable profits, productivity and best practice.
  2. Holding quarterly farm focus days to provide timely, accurate and challenging information to help decision-making for South Island dairy farmers.
  3. Undertaking advanced environmental monitoring.
  4. Driving research applications and uptake that benefit South Island dairy farmers.
  5. Helping establish commercial focus farms in other South Island regions.
  6. Supporting the Southland Demonstration Farm.
  7. Encouraging the study of agro-sciences in preparation for careers in dairying.
  8. Informing the wider community about the activities and innovations in dairying.
Identification of key roles to accelerate the progress of South Island dairying:

  1. An Executive Director commissioned to advance dairy farming with real benefits for South Island dairy farmers.
  2. Chair in Dairying Production at Lincoln University.

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