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LUDDF year end results 2015/16 season

Posted by on 24 May 2016

LUDF dried of all remaining cows on 23 May 2016, finishing a very productive 2015-16 season. 

Total production is just under 290,000 kgMS. This is over 1800kgMS/ha and 520 kgMS/cow, up 4% from last year but achieved with minimal imported feed (and 60 % less than last year). 

Farm working expenses have been held to under $3.50/kgMS, or $85,000 less than last year. 

Dairy operating profit will be approximately $980/ha, based on Fonterra’s current forecast milk income of $3.90/kgMS and 40 cents dividend. 

By comparison last year, with a higher gross income but lower productivity and slightly higher expenditure the operating profit was nearly $1300/ha. 

SIDDC’s annual profitability comparison with other leading highly profitable farms will be available in early July and is expected to show LUDF’s gains in relative profitability this season. 

LUDF has achieved this year’s results while also operating with an estimated N-loss to water lower than currently required by the local regulations. LUDDF

LU LUDF Herd 2015 03 DSC0541 Medium