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Farm Walk Update - 27 February 2014

Posted by Rosie Petrowski on 27 February 2014

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This week we have 384 cows in the main herd and 237 in the small herd. This gives a total of 621 cows milking into the vat this morning.  We have 1 Treatment cow.
The whole herd has lost 5kg live weight in the past week. The monitor group of 347 early MA cows lost 4kg, and the younger cows [2011 born] have lost 2kg live weight.
Average bulk milk SCC was 152.

Average daily milk solids production per cow (all cows milked into the vat) is 1.71kgMS/cow, 0.09 kg/ cow/day less than last week. Daily production per hectare was 6.66 kg MS/ha.
This weeks measured average pasture cover is 2450 kgDM/ha down 70 kg DM/ha, from last week.
Our estimated average daily pasture growth rate for the last week has been 62 kg DM/ha, another week where growth is less than demand.
In spite of this we still have a predicted surplus of 10.4 T DM. The round length has lengthened by 1 day over the week to 21 days. No silage has been fed this week. We will look to hold the round above 20 days range until the end of the week [next Tuesday].
We have applied nitrogen [urea] to 42.4 ha of recently grazed pastures at 25kg N/ha.

Our plan for the rest of the season is evolving at this time and we expect to make some significant changes to enable us to operate within our Nitrogen loss baseline.  We have fed no silage this week and no mowing was done.

The herd was body condition scored last week, average was 4.1 and 7.4% were below BCS 4.0 these are not as good as we would like. We had expected the average BCS to have started to trend upwards. We have already put low BCS, early calving cows in the small herd to assist with their body condition and will continue to monitor cows as ensure consistency of feeding towards BCS targets later in the season.

See full Farm Walk Notes and data here:

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LUDF Focus Day

Posted by Rosie Petrowski on 18 February 2014

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REMINDER: LUDF Focus Day this Thursday!

•  78% - 6 week Incalf at LUDF this season
•  Impact LWRP and Selwyn Waihora Sub Chapter

Find out more at the:
Lincoln University Dairy Farm [LUDF] Focus Day:
Thursday, 20th February 2014, 10.15 am – 1.00 pm at LUDF
Followed by a light lunch sponsored by Ravensdown. Flyer Attached.
Topic:    Tipping Point?
The financial reality of farming without Eco-n, less clover and less Nitrogen Fertiliser?
• LUDF Update:
o Profit – YTD End Jan / Forecast End
o Managing low growth rates, less pasture cover, Cow Condition and Milk Production
o N Use / Supplement Use
o Reproductive Performance
•         ECAN – Changes required by the Land and Water Plan
• And - Selwyn/Waihora sub-regional section (Variation 1)
All welcome!

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