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Breeding and Reproduction

LUDF breeding objectives align to the New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL) industry good breeding goal ‘to breed cows that are able to efficiently convert feed in to profitable milk production’.

Breeding Values describe the genetic merit of an animal for an individual trait (ability to produce progeny of high genetic merit). In collaboration with industry, NZAEL review the relevance or weighting of individual BVs included in Breeding Worth.

Economic Values provide an estimate of the value of a trait to a NZ dairy farmer. NZAEL review the Economic Values that feed into the understanding of efficient and profitability milk production. EVs are reviewed annually and Breeding Worth adjusts (February) according to changes to farm economics.

Using herd test information it can be seen which cow breed/type is the most profitable to be farmed in the LUDF production system.

The attached paper outlines LUDF's breeding programme for 2019-20 including the following:

  • LUDF breeding objectives
  • Biosecurity
  • Animal Welfare
  • Target calf
  • Mating Plan
  • Mating Plan Benefits