Partners Networking to Advance South Island Dairying

Seasonal Objectives

  1. To deliver a dairy operating profit of $6,800/ha and return on dairy assets of approximately 7.9% from a $6.93 payout - [milk price plus dividend] - with budgeted milk solids production of 288,000 kg with cash farm working expenses of $3.35/kgMS.
  2. To improve water use efficiency for better integrating the technologies currently existing on the farm by ensuring useable decision making data is accessible to the farm management in a timely manner.
  3. To increase the land area that effluent is applied to so that nutrients are better distributed and there is an increased range of contingency plan options. Also, ensure that nitrate losses are not greater on effluent areas than on non-effluent areas, and that there is no significant microbial contamination of the shallow aquifers.
  4. To manage pastures and grazing so milkers consume / harvest as much metabolisable energy (ME) as practicable, with a target of 200 GJ/ha ME. For example, this could be achieved by consuming / harvesting 16t DM/ha with average ME 12.5.
  5. To optimize the use of the farm automation system [Protrack] and demonstrate / document improved efficiencies and subsequent effect on the business.
  6. To achieve a 6 week in-calf rate of 79% and 10 week in-calf rate greater than 89% i.e. empty rate of less than 11%.
  7. To continue to document and measure LUDF's influence on changes to defined management practices on other dairy farms.
  8. To ensure specific training is adequate and appropriate to enable staff members to contribute effectively in meeting the objectives of the farm.