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Staffing and Management 

Farm Manager - Peter Hancox
Farm 2IC - Tom Chapman
Farm Assistant - Charlotte Munnik
Graduate Trainee Programme (1 year) - Erica Taylor


LUDF Milking 2014 11 DSC8233

Roster system

8 days on then 2 days off 8 days on 3 days off

Milking times

Morning - cups on 5:00am Afternoon - cups on 2:30pm

Graduate Training Programme

Annually LUDF offers an Graduate Training Programme aimed at Graduates looking to grow their skills in a supportive and highly profitable dairy farm business. Over 12 months the trainee will be developed into an experienced on farm industry employee.

The farm operates in the top 2% on profitability, producing 17-1800kgMS/ha from high quality irrigated pasture.  Operating with the support of the farm manager and some of the industry’s best farmers and technical input, LUDF has lifted production through increasing efficiency across the business. 

The trainee works as part of the team, and will learn all aspects of managing high producing cows on high quality pasture to maximise profitability. Tasks include: 

  • Assisting with all aspects of milking, feeding and herd management
  • Assisting with general stock management on farm including calving, rearing, mating and wintering
  • Assist with irrigation and regular farm maintenance as required
  • Maintain the farms continuous grade free milk quality
  • Maintain full environmental and Health and Safety compliance 
  • Industry visits e.g. Fonterra, LIC, Ravensdown, Agriseeds
  • Additional external training e.g Effluent Management, Hoof Trimming Training, Irrigation Management, Milk Smart, Grow Smart.

LUDF offers the successful graduate the opportunity to further their career in the dairy industry, learning from one of the most followed dairy farms in New Zealand.

Recruitment commences in early August and the programme runs from November to November each year. For more information on the programme or to express interest please email or click here for the position description and advertisment.