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Monitor Farms

A range of monitoring projects across the South Island provide local data from commercial farms, in addition to the LUDF and SDF demonstration farms.

Currently there is a Westland monitor farm project (see the Westland Monitor Farm tab) and the Marlborough Monitor Farm. Details on the Marlborough Monitor Farm are available on the DairyNZ website (

During the 2008-2012 period a Sustainable Farming Fund Project 'Future proofing Southland dairy farm systems' [SFF 07/155] provided weekly data on a range of Southland and South Otago farms. While the project has ended, the data provides a useful summary of the seasonal variability and management tips through this time. 

  1. Coastal: Wallacetown [Southland Demonstration Farm]
  2. Eastern: [PDF 144KB] Edendale [K&D Hall, Seaward Downs Gorge Rd]
  3. Central: [PDF 138KB] South Hillend [G van der Poel, Harbour Endowment Rd]
  4. Northern: [PDF 201KB] Riversdale [A & I Frei, McAlister Rd]
  5. West Otago: Tapanui [D&M Goble, Tapanui-Raes Junction Highway]

(Researcher: Dawn Dalley, DairyNZ. Funded by MAF Sustainable Farming Fund, DairyNZ, SIDE and Ravensdown.)