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Monitor Farms

A range of monitoring projects across the South Island provide local data from commercial farms, in addition to the LUDF and SDF demonstration farms.

Currently there is a Westland monitor farm project (see the Westland Monitor Farm tab) and the Marlborough Monitor Farm. Details on the Marlborough Monitor Farm are available on the DairyNZ website (

During the 2008-2012 period a Sustainable Farming Fund Project 'Future proofing Southland dairy farm systems' [SFF 07/155] provided weekly data on a range of Southland and South Otago farms. While the project has ended, the data provides a useful summary of the seasonal variability and management tips through this time. 

  1. Coastal: Wallacetown [Southland Demonstration Farm]
  2. Eastern: [PDF 144KB] Edendale [K&D Hall, Seaward Downs Gorge Rd]
  3. Central: [PDF 138KB] South Hillend [G van der Poel, Harbour Endowment Rd]
  4. Northern: [PDF 201KB] Riversdale [A & I Frei, McAlister Rd]
  5. West Otago: Tapanui [D&M Goble, Tapanui-Raes Junction Highway]

(Researcher: Dawn Dalley, DairyNZ. Funded by MAF Sustainable Farming Fund, DairyNZ, SIDE and Ravensdown.)

SIDDC also still have weekly summary data for the same period for the Southland and West Coast monitor farms. Available on request.