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    • Latest BCS (Body Condition Score) data is in and it showed some good improvements over the previous one which is pleasing going into drying off. Our year round policy, cows that are not at 4 are placed on once a day (OAD) and are being preferentially fed, appears to work even in late Autumn.
    • Continue to reduce the stocking rate by drying off lower body condition score cows and any remaining empties away to best match stocking rate with expected growth rates for the late Autumn period.
    • Weekly pasture assessments and detailed analysis of the data versus what is happening on farm will see us keep an accurate inventory of pasture and feed on hand to continue making timely decisions.
    • The DRAFT 2016 - 2017 budget has been presented to the SDF Board for approval, once approved it will be available for farmers to view and offer feedback. See the current seasons one HERE.
    • Staff are currently using the new updated Farm Time App to record tasks (coded for productivity benchmarking) and generate timesheets to ensure compliance. Email Us to register your interest.
    • About 2Ha of the Suga Beet has been lifted, we will use this to supplement some of our lighter cows and also to transition the herd onto the winter fodderbeet.


Datasheet below

  • 611 cows are in milk, milk was sent from an average of 606 (5 withheld) cows producing 1.45 kgMS/cow/day…read more
  • Total production season to date is up 1 % on last season and down 6.6 % on target…read more
  • Pasture and Supplement fed to milking cows including energy calculations…read more
  • Total Ha: 295ha, Crop Ha: 28ha. Area for milkers: 262ha, how much feed have we grown…read more
  • Average Pasture Cover is 2741 kgDM/Ha, 62 kgDM/Ha/day growth rate…read more
  • 10 mm rain, 13.7 (SDF long term average 13.1) degrees soil temperature…read more
  • Second scan done, 71% 6wk In Calf Rate…read more
  • Fertiliser and Urea has been applied this week at 50kgs Urea/Ha…read more
  • Animal health section… read more
  • 236 heifers at grazing, 281 replacement heifers, 210 at grazing, the 71 remain on farm …read more
  • Hours worked and tasks coded using the SDF App for this fortnight…read more
  • Autumn sown pasture to replace short rotation grass… read more
  • SDF May 12th on farm Focus Day - Health and Safety and 16/17 financial plan... read more

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