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SIDDC - South Island Dairying Development Centre

South Island Dairying Development Centre's (SIDDC) focus is the acceleration of South Island dairying development, particularly for South Island dairy farmers. SIDDC seeks to achieve this through the provision of a cluster of expertise, resources, and services delivering innovative, practical research, technical, education, extension and training support to dairy farmers.


 The South Island Dairying Development Centre (SIDDC) is a partnership of seven key New Zealand organisations involved in South Island dairying. Established in September 2001, the venture is a partnership between Lincoln University, DairyNZ, South Island Dairy Farmers (represented by the South Island Dairy Event (SIDE) network), Ravensdown Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, Plant & Food Research, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), and recently AgResearch.


DairyNZ is holding its milksolids levy vote in May this year

In May 2014, all dairy farmers, including sharemilkers and dairy farm leaseholders, will be asked to vote on whether they want to continue to support the levy on milksolids. The milksolids levy is currently 3.6c per kg milksolids and is used by industry body DairyNZ to fund research and development, develop on-farm tools and resources and provide regional support and advocacy for competitive and responsible dairy farming.


It’s important farmers are informed so they can have their say when voting opens on 1st May.


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